DevelopInUFRaw extension

Hi!  I'm using F-Spot for a while now, and I enjoy it a lot!
However, I used to look at some alternatives to compare, and it gave me some ideas that I would like to see implemented in F-Spot, or at least discussed.
The first thing is concerning the DevelopInUFRaw extension.  Since I am mostly taking RAW pictures, I am using this extension a lot.  However, I would like it to allow me to save the developped file into PNG format.  After a sneak peak in the code, I have seed that the JPG format is hardcoded into the extension.  Is there any reason for that?  I am taking photos in RAW format in order to be sure to get the very best quality and flexibility over the workflow, and I would like to be able to save my work in such a format that will not decrease photo quality upon saving (for further modification in, say, Gimp for example).
I would be willing to hack the extension (I am not a programmer, but I learned the basics and I am willing to learn more) to export pictures in an alternative format, but before I work on this I want to know if there is any technical reason why jpeg have been choosen instead and if there is any plan from upstream to add features to that extension.  Perhaps a "configure dialog" or a gconf key?
Thank you!
- Jean Levasseur (formely known as "foxmike" over IRC).

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