Re: Time handling in F-spot

Paul Wellner Bou wrote:
Once again, I want to bring up the time handling topic in f-spot, as we discussed this lately in irc. For me, it is just annoying that F-Spot is displaying the wrong dates and I have to look at the Exif (of the RAWs, where I can trust they are untouched) to look up the real date.

100% agree.

1. Allowing the user to set the timezone of the camera time on importing the photos. Summarizing the feedback on IRC: No option, as it would make the import more complicated.

Uh? What's so complicated about that?

2. Not touching the original exif date in any way on importing. Adjusting time and setting time zones could be done then in the adjust time dialog. Feedback: a) No, this is the "worst option" to fix the time problem, b) This is the right way to do it.

I would prefer 1, but 2 is also reasonable and in any case better than the current approach.


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