How do I fix a corrupted database

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Did you use a lot of tags?
If so, did you store all XMP data within the Photo itself?

To check if meta data is embedded within the photo itself, do the following:
1) open a photo in another photo application (Image Viewer)
2) look at the Metadata (Properties, Metadata).
3) Do you see your tags and headings there?

If yes, just move all your photos to a new directory, delete your
photos.db (photo database), and re-import all photos. All your tags
should then be re-imported nicely. Not to certain about the
title/comment/heading for the photo though.

Or, since you are only talking about 400 odd photos, perhaps just do the
above (move the photos to a new directory, delete photos.db, and
re-import them again) anyway. My normal import consist of about 200-400
photos (have now 31,000+ photos)


I checked, and yes, all the info seems to be embedded in the photo. I can recreate the tags if necessary, so I am not too worried about that. My biggest problem is that I can't re-import the photos. I have a dual boot system with Windows on one hard drive, and Linux on the other. On the Linux drive I have one partition formatted in FAT32 to aid in the transfer of files between the two systems. For some reason F-Spot's import function can only see the three Windows partitions, and the memory card from my camera (if it is plugged in). There is no browse button in the import window so I can only select those four items. As noted earlier, there is also no checkbox for "detect duplicates". I am worried that if I delete the database, I won't be able to import anything. When importing pictures from my camera card everything works fine, but I'm not sure if the same part of the program is used in both cases; maybe not.

Would I be better off completely removing F-Spot from my computer and then re-installing it?


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