Re: XMP support

Stephane Delcroix wrote:
the new feature page is outdated :)

That is good news, I think :)

we're currently already importing xmp tags and writing them back. in the
coming future, we'll most probably use exiv2 for all the metadata
handling and the xmp support will be even better

That sounds great.

Now that the reading and display of metadata is getting better it might be good to think about what metadata users might want to edit themselves. For instance, embedding license information into the photos.

Quick rationale/use case: Someone takes a picture and in F-Spot they have it set so their new photos get the string "Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license." They then upload this photo to a photo gallery (flickr, etc). On that photo's webpage it says what the license is for the photo (like in flickr).

But then someone else downloads the image and saves it to their computer. Without the embedded license information (and without writing it down) there is no way to know what permissions someone has for that photo.

There could also be cool features added to Gallery where any new photo uploaded to it that has this license metadata will automatically get an image for the version of Creative Commons license in use.

Ways of implementing such an idea could be many:
1) right-click -> Add license with choice of All Rights Reserved or any of the CC licenses.

2) a drop-down choice in the Metadata sidebar

3) when importing photos checkbox to embed the user's license of choice

4) etc

What do people think of this idea in general?



Full Disclosure: I work for Creative Commons

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