Re: Roadmap to 1.0


A big thing for 1.0 would be an extension point for additional photo
providers. Means, that the current local database is the main photo
provider and others can be added. So extensions can be implemented to
access the photos from evolution-emails, from daap shares or CDs (or
even other dbs from other users on the maschine).

I have no good idea at the moment, how this can be realized and the
performance for searching and so on can be preserved. But maybe some of
you have a good idea for this.


Am Donnerstag, den 20.11.2008, 10:51 +0100 schrieb Stephane Delcroix:
> Hey folks,
> 	You may or may not know that we plan to tag the next big release as
> 1.0. This will address the recurrent question of "is f-spot stable
> enough to manage my library ?".
> 	There's some task pending to get there though:
> Major Coding Tasks:
> - rework the import process and dialogs
> - move to gio, make others gnome dependencies optional
> - fix the time and timezone issues
> Major Testing Tasks:
> - test the pre-releases on real collections
> Other Non-Coding Tasks:
> - refresh the website appearence AND content
> - propose logo replacement/logo refinement
> - spread the word about it, speak about it in your local linux conf
> 	Even if this list looks quite short, I won't be able to complete it all
> by myself in a timely fashion. So, if you were planning to contribute to
> f-spot in one way or another, this is the right moment to step in.
> 	I will take care of the 3 aforementioned coding tasks. What are YOUR
> plan to make 1.0 happen ?
> Best regards,
> Stephane
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