A short while ago, I submitted Bug 569460 – Unescape special
charcters in filenames when doing (Flickr, Picasa Web, Zip, ...) export.
I now had a look at the source at ZipExport.cs, as that's the shortest
export source. And as all the exporters show the same problem, I thought
that one might be as good as another one...

In the ZipExport.cs of f-spot, I think that the method zip()
is the interesting one. In there, I'd guess that the line 126

  ZipEntry entry = new ZipEntry (photos [i].Name);

is interesting. Here, the name of the ZipEntry is taken to be the Name
of the photo. I haven't checked, but I suppose that this Name string
contains the escaped version of the filename, doesn't it? Ie., if
the filename is

[2008-11-12--10.40.37] (IMG_0017) Cédric, Photoshooting, Petra, Fotograf.jpg

then Name would be



I've got no knowledge at all about C#, but I think that what would
be required here is, that instead of photos[i].Name, the unescaped
version of the name is to be used.

In C#, is there a method which allows to easily unescape a
string? Ie. something, which translates stuff like "C%C3%A9dric"
to "Cédric"?

I guess that something like this already needs to be used in f-spot,
in order for f-spot to decode a file uri to a path, as only a file uri
(ie. file:///home/askwar/.......) is stored in the f-spot database. I
"browsed" the f-spot source, but haven't found the spot, where
f-spot tries to load a file from disk. I guess that's where f-spot
would do a decoding of the string stored in the database to get
the proper path name.

The reason why I bring that topic also here to the mailinglist
is, that this bug makes f-spot pretty much useless for me, as
it's certainly nice to be able to manage pictures locally - but
from time to time, an export to some public site, like Flickr,
PicasaWeb or whatever, would be good as well. And with
picturenames like
that looks very bad.

I'd be very happy if one of you could give me a hand :)

Thanks a lot,

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