f-spot-import and the timezone workaround

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I found a workaround for the well-known timezone issue which works
rather fine for me. When I invoke F-Spot using "TZ=UTC f-spot", I can
import fotos by drag'n drop from any folder without having the timestamp

So I wanted to have the same when I connect my camera to my computer. In
Ubuntu, the f-spot import dialog will appear automatically as soon as
the camera is connected and switched on. There is a key in gconf-editor
called "autophoto_command" which is set to "f-spot-import %h" to handle
this event. I created a simple shellscript called "fspotimport.sh" with
only one line:
"TZ=UTC f-spot-import %h" and changed the "autophoto_command"
key to "$HOME/bin/fspotimport.sh".

Now, when I connect my camera and switch it on, a camera icon will
appear on my desktop and F-Spot will open without the import dialog.
When I want to start the import dialog manually, a popup window will
appear which tells  me, that f-spot cannot access the device
exclusively. I first have to unmount the camera, then the import dialog
will work as expected.

How can I have f-spot-import started automatically with the timezone
workaround when I connect my camera?

Regards and thanks in advance

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