import problem

I just noticed in the archive that someone posted a few weeks ago with
import problems. In particular, I'm seeing the same issue where imported
photos got put into my home dir, instead of into the ~/Photos dir. Using
file->import works fine, BTW - the glitch only occurs when I use the
automatic importing after inserting a memory card with photos.

Is there any way I can help debug what might have happened? And, more
importantly to me right now, is there an easy way to move them to where
they *should* be? I'd be happy to just remove them from the database,
and re-import them, except that I've already done some editing of them,
and don't want to lose that. They're raw files, and I used the 'develop
in ufraw' plugin. So now in the home directory, there are three files
for each picture - the original .pef, the .ufraw, and the .jpg.

Thanks for any suggestions!
Jon-o Addleman -

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