Wrong Time Assigned When Importing

I have been following the threads on this problem for some months now. Has anyone come up with a fix yet?

In my own case, I think I have narrowed down the cause. I live in time zone UTC -7. My camera (Panasonic TZ3) has no time zone function, all you can do is set the time and date. When I import the pictures into F-Spot, 7 hours are added to the time assigned in the database. Obviously, this time difference is being taken from my computer's time settings. It would seem the solution would be to have F-Spot not try to correct the time, or if you wanted to get fancy, have an option to turn that feature on and off, and make it adjustable. At the moment, the only option we have is to go to each picture and manually adjust the time by subtracting 7 hours. This is a tedious affair when one takes lots of pictures.

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