Re: Find Orphan Photos extension


Unfortunately you will need to use the development branch of F-Spot, or
at least a higher version.

I just tried to compile my version and it works fine here.

But still, this extension do need som tender loving care, to move it to
the proper directory structure, as well as enhance and simplify the
code. :(


On Fri, 2008-11-28 at 01:26 -0800, Olivier Schreiber wrote:
> Hi Bengt,
> Today, I found myself with a few hundred `photos that did not exist in the 
> file system (they did exist in the file system, just in another place)' 
> you describe in
> gnome org/msg04389.html
> so I downloaded your extension tar file:
> but I am running into some difficulties:
> olivier quad:~/trunk$ make
> OrphanedPhotosFixDateURI.cs(287,39): error CS1061: Type `FSpot.Photo'
> does not contain a definition for `Changes' and no extension method
> `Changes' of type `FSpot.Photo' could be found (are you missing a
> using directive or an assembly reference?)

With Regards

Bengt Thuree
bengt thuree com

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