store tag-icon also in some other image format

Hello Guys,

In reference to my former post [1] about the tag-icon format used in F-Spot, I want to ask if it would be possible that F-Spot stores the tag-icon in the database in some other format too - PNG for example.

Some users asked me, why phpfspot can not show the same icons for tags like they have selected in F-Spot. There the icon is stored as Gdk.Pixbuf in the sqlite3 database, but there is no direct way for PHP (gd, imagemagick, imlib, ...) to handle that thing and convert it to some browser-compatible formats (png, gif, jpeg,...).

For now phpfspot randomly choose one of the photos and displays it next to the tag but as I want to phpfspot act like a online version of F-Spot (at least for the viewing parts), it would be create if it can display the same icon as the user has chosen in F-Spot.

What do you think? I knew, that this would blew up the database a bit - but on the other hand - compared to a uncompressed pixbuf a PNG could be quiet small :-)



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