Re: ufraw integration and raw file version management

> Date: Wednesday, July 16, 2008, 12:01 PM
> > i can see a short description on the web page but there
> is no information on how/where to download the extension.
> Edit>Manage Extensions>Install
> The extension right now should do parts of what you need,
> but it's still
> being worked on. Expect even more in the coming weeks (seek
> for
> pmjdebruijn on the irc channel).
> About your other question, running a script, one could
> easily write an
> extension that run a script. Even if right now it would be
> auite
> user-unfriendly...
> regards
> s

thanks, i now have it installed.  i gave it a quick try and indeed it will create a .ufraw file and place it right next to my original .cr2 file, but it also creates a jpeg.  it would be great to have an option to turn the jpeg creation off or switch it to tiff or ppm (8-bit or 16-bit).

unfortunately i never get on irc, so i won't be able to seek up pmjdebruijn.  is there a web site for the ufraw extension or a way to get the source code?  i'm not much of a developer, but perhaps i could hack on it a little get the ufraw options i'd like.


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