Re: New Geotag extension

Eitan Isaacson, 2008-02-19 23:14:33 -0800 :


> - Allow timestamp adjustments in the dialog. My Canon digital rebel
> does not provide a way to synchronize the clock very well, so the
> timestamp will never be very accurate (I heard you could do that in
> Nikon, but don't get me started!).

  I never remember understood why the Canon models have three
different names depending on where the cameras are sold... but if
Digital Rebel == EOS 350D, then you may find the following snippet

(echo get-config time ; echo set-config time=$(date +%s)) \ 
    | gphoto2 --shell &> /dev/null

  That used to work for me when I had a 350D, but for some reason
doesn't with the 400D.  Dunno about the other models in the series.

PS: The extension seems useful otherwise, just not for me :-)

Roland Mas

C   c e    e l    m  re q   j  l   a l  l  iè e  .
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