Re: Sidebar Editors Patch: v2

Hi Ruben

I'm back off holiday and tried to give this a go. I've got a bit un-stuck, because
svn has moved on since you did the patch. I've hacked it to apply - but in so doing
seem to have lost the crop functionality.

Whats the status your end?


> Hi all!
> I have just put the next version of the sidebar editors patch online.
> It
> contains fixes / enhancements for the issues brought up by the initial
> testing. This is the one I want to merge to trunk.
> You can find it over here:
> What remains to be done:
>  * Cosmetics
>  * Porting the AutoColor editor
>  * Hopefully not too many bugfixes
> These last few tasks will follow in additional patches.
> Comments welcome!
>    Ruben

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