Tabblo Export extension


I've attached my attempt at implementing a "Tabblo Export" extension
to Bug 382658.

It's (still) pretty crude, but it works.  I'm looking forward to
getting some feedback on the code, and hoping that it may become a
part of the F-Spot distribution eventually.

Most of the time, the extension was tested with F-Spot 0.4.3 on Ubuntu
8.04.  I have also verified that it works with the latest SVN version
(although the manifest needs to reference a newer F-Spot Core for the
extension to load properly).

These are the most obvious remaining open issues / shortcomings:

   o  On a default installation of Mono, the user will most likely
encounter a `System.Net.WebException' when Tabblo Export tries to log
in to Tabblo.  That's because log-in is implemented over HTTPS, and
the default Mono installation doesn't trust the site the user is
connecting to.  Please refer to the Mono sequrity FAQ,
 For now, I've chosen the third option described in the FAQ and
managed with:

   $ mozroots --import --ask-remove

      Of course, I don't expect the F-Spot user to do that, and I
guess there is a better way to handle this problem.  I just don't know

   o  F-Spot has tags.  Tabblo has tags.  Tabblo Export should allow
the user to choose to export their photos along with tags.

   o  It would be nice to have an option to choose the privacy
(private, circle, public) the exported photos should have in Tabblo.

I'm willing to (help) fix these, but it can take some time as my
resources are limited.


P.S.  This is my first attempt at producing C# code or a GTK+ UI, so be kind :)

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