Refreshing photo date-time field from file


Hit a problem with some of the photos I had imported: some had incorrect 
timestamps.  The EXIF data however has the correct date, so I could fix the 
timestamp on disk.  However, from there I see no way of getting f-spot to 
refresh the value it has squirrelled away in its DB.

I wrote an extension which I would like to share once I've brushed it up a 
little - assuming of course f-spot doesn't already have a way of achieving 
this.  (NB - it's not the same in my view as the "Adjust time" option which I 
found very useful for another problem I had.)

This extension appears on the photo popup menu (like e.g. Develop in ufraw).  
I would like to give the user 2 options: refresh from file mod time, or from 
EXIF time.  How can I define my extension to create a submenu off the popup 
menu to avoid clutter?

i.e. I would like to do something like:

<Extension path="/FSpot/Menus/PhotoPopup">
  <SubMenu id="..." _label="Refresh Date From File..." insertbefore="...">
    <Command id="RefreshDateFromFileModTime" [...] />
    <Command id="RefreshDateFromFileExif" [...] />

I don't see how to do the <SubMenu> bit.  Would someone please help me out?

Eric Mountain
A chicken is an egg's way of producing more eggs.

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