Re: F-Spot color profile support: patch (beta)

On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 8:11 PM, Vasiliy Kirilichev wrote:
> Hi!
> there are 2 files in archive: patch and ColorManagement.cs.
> copy ColorManagement.cs to /Core/ folder and:
> svn co -r4239
> patch -p0 < ../patch
> Thanks!

The very first thing I'd love to point out is that in color managed
workflow one needs to specify

1) input profile - profile for a photo, can be AdobeRGB1998, sRGB, a
custom ICC profile created with e.g. LProf
2) workspace profile - to specify which color space all
transformations are happening in
3) display profile - no comments :)
4) output profile - for printing, web etc.

possibly also

5) printer profile

Right now 1) and 2 are missing, 3) is present and with 4) it's not
clear which output is meant ;-)


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