Re: F-spot on light weight g-nome??

On 9/18/07, sradhakrishna wrote:

> I have a very old laptop with a 533 MHz Celeron, 96MB RAM, 4GB harddisk, and
> am looking to install a minimal installation of Ubuntu on it. I would then
> like to run f-spot on it and I understand that it runs only on Gnome.
> Are there any lighter versions of gnome??
> Is it possible for f-spot to run on X straight (without gnome)?? Is it
> compatible with any other gnome-like-systems??

To answer your question fully we need to know what you mean with
"gnome-like system" :)

But yes - you can perfectly run F-Spot without using GNOME on
leightweight DE like XFCE. You will only need GNOME libraries and


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