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Thanks I have F-spot 0.3.5 on Ubuntu 7.04 I cant find this option

On 24/09/2007, Lorenzo Milesi <lorenzo milesi yetopen it > wrote:
Fraginhell ha scritto:
> Firstly wanted to say what a great Job with F-Spot, I'm moving my
> photo collection (approx 8000 images) from my windows based Pc to
> Linux. I just wanted to ask it if was possible (maybe I have missed an
> option setting) to turn the icons off from the the tags. I have many
> tags which I need to setup and the icons are making it harder to view
> all of them, without lots of scrolling !. Also I see under view the is
> an option to view tags as icons, could we have some thing to view just
> tags alone? Just some ideas to throw in....
I can't remember which version introduced this feat, but View > Tag
icons > Hidden


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