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So when viewing the "full size" original in Gallery 2, are you able to get the original RAW file that you uploaded back out? If that's the case, this is likely a Gallery 2 issue and we might be able to help you out in the Gallery support forums.

It's pretty likely that we could have some buggyness in RAW uploading using the gallery remote protocol because this isn't a very common use case, but one of our support "exports" can probably point you at where to start debugging. If you post, I'll try and get one of them to respond quickly :)

Gallery Project Manager

On Oct 19, 2007, at 2:49 PM, Richard Pickler wrote:

I shoot primarily in Raw format, and have shared much of the same pains of other users when it comes to a raw workflow in Linux (concerning not just F-Spot, but UFRaw, Gimp's lack of any real bit depth, etc).

The particular problem I'm after right now, however, is uploading Raw files from F-Spot to Gallery2. JPEGs publish perfectly fine, but when I upload a Raw file, it just gives me a broken thumbnail on the website. Looking at the directory my Gallery installation goes to, the file has uploaded fine, but it's not generating the thumbnail. Uploading through the standard Gallery web form produces the results I expect.

Forgive me if this is not actually F-Spot's problem, but I'm really having trouble diagnosing where the problem lies. Any clues? Being able to do this would save me a ton of time in converting raw files I don't really care to spend any time on, but people want to see anyways.

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