Re: f-spot 0.4.0 hangs (ubuntu gutsy)

Hi Emanuele,

I don't know if it's a known problem, but there is bug tracking
system, bugzilla:

if you can't find your problem, file a bug and join the output you get
when running f-spot from the console.


2007/10/9, Emanuele Olivetti <emanuele relativita com>:
> Hi all,
> I decided to upgrade ubunty feisty 7.04 to gutsy 7.10 (beta) and
> experienced an issue about the new f-spot 0.4.0 provided by
> the Ubuntu gutsy distribution. I previously used f-spot 0.3.5
> (the feisty's one) without any problem (>5000 pictures and
> many tags).
> Now, if I select a couple of images and drag a tag-icon on
> them, f-spot hangs and CPU goes to 100%. The only solution seems
> to kill the process. I can reproduce the problem at each run.
> Other f-spot functions work as expected (well). I did not investigate
> much though.
> Is this a known problem? I'm looking at bug tracking systems of
> f-spot and ubuntu but I can't find it, so far.
> Which is the right way to proceed in order to collect infos and
> being able to collect the necessary details? How can I solve this
> issue?
> Thanks in advance for answering,
> Emanuele
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