Re: Date format and ordering

ehehe, well, i honestly don't think there's something wrong with my eyes. Also, the timestamp displayed by F-Spot when i select a photo is just fine.

Still, i think i figured out what F-Spot is doing. It seems that is only orders photos in the same directory. If i have photos with a tag that are all in the same directory they get ordered just fine. If the listed photos span different directories, the order order is only correct between photos in the directory.

I don't think that this should be the desired behaviour right ?

Thomas Van Machelen wrote:
Hi Hugo,

 - Why is the order criteria only YEAR/MONTH ? This means that all the
photos taken in the same month are displayed in random order. I think the
order should take into account the DAY and TIME also.

The sorting takes day and time into account.  If they're not on your
machine, then there is probably something wrong with your picture
timestamps.  Or with your eyes :-p


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