Re: Adding external editing applications

On 1/1/07, Stephane Delcroix <stephane delcroix org> wrote:

> Is there an easy way for the user to add more external "Open With..."
> editors? I'd like to have the ability of adding new applications (eg
> imagemagick scripts) easily. It seems like there should be an easy way
> to do this, f-spot would handle versioning and pass of a filename for
> in-place editing. Adding an interface to manage this seems overkill,
> but for users wanting increased functionality, having a scripts
> directory would be great. Seems like this could help placate users
> wanting better RAW support as well.
f-spot populate its 'open with...' menu automatically, depending on the
handler for the image files available on your system. So, there's no
trivial way to add a custom handler. But, if you do write a script, and
install it on your system with an appropriate .desktop file, F-Spot
should display it in the 'Open with...' menu and do the appropriate
versioning job. (tip: your .desktop file should handle uris.)

Bingo. The URI hint did it. Once the .desktop file was created, changing "%f" to "%U" in the Exec= parameter got the script to show up in f-spot [1]; combined with a quick (aka hack) URI to filename conversion in the script, things are now working great.



[1] .desktop spec:

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