Re: Fspot hanging (or being slow) while tagging photos

On 18/09/06, Bengt Thuree <bengt thuree com> wrote:
On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 00:21 +0300, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> I have a tag LastImport that I add to photos when I import them, and
> remove as I tag them or make other adjustments (time). During a recent
> import of ~600 photos the importer hang. It filled up 1-600 nicely,
> and then hang for 10 minutes. So I killed it with CTRL-ALT-ESC. When
> I reopened F-spot I saw that the pictures were in fact imported, but
> only the first 400 or so pictures were tagged. So I selected the
> remaining photos and clicked Add Tag -> LastImport. I was certain that
> it was hung again, but after about 2 minutes it finished. During that
> time F-spot was unresponsive, and the window stayed with the Add Tags
> menu open.
> If it's not hanging, then it certainly is taking a long time to tag
> hundreds of photos, so long that it appears to be hanging. A progress
> bar would be nice. Should I file a wish bug for the progress bar, or
> is this delay uncommon? How long should F-spot take to tag 200 photos?
> 600? I'm on a 1.4 gHz AMD Duron, with 1024MB RAM. Other than F-spot,
> only Firefox was running. I'm on Kubuntu (Ubuntu with KDE desktop).

We have an Asynch patch in the pipeline which would speed up everything
quite drastically (from the users perspective).
For now, if you tag a lot of photos, and have Write Metainformation to
the Photos enabled, each photo has to be updated on the disk. This takes
some time unfortunately, and there is no feedback at all to the user.


I didn't see that in Bugzilla. I probably should go read all the bugs
at least once to know where everything stands.

Thanks. I'm not sure if I'll build that into my everyday F-spot, but
I'll test it on the testUser.


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