Re: Duplicates problem

Thomas Van Machelen wrote:
Hi David,

2006/11/7, David Berg <drberg1000 gmail com>:
I accidentally imported some images twice.  I selected the dupes for
deletion then removed them from the catalog instead of the drive.  So I
went to the terminal and removed all of the duplicate image files.
Figuring I was done I went to tag and rotate and found that I had
deleted the original from the catalog and the duplicate from the hard drive.


Question is, what is the best way to get the Photos directory and the
database back in sync?  Should I just deleting the images from the
catalog then reimport them, or is there a better way?

If you still have the original photos in another place, you can just
re-import them after you cleared them from the catalog.

I do have the originals. They are interspersed with the other photos already tagged in the ~/Photos subdirectories.

If you want to start completely anew, you can remove the photos.db
file in ~/gnome2/f-spot/ and re-import.
Doing that would destroy all my tags as well though correct? That is something I do not want to do.

The solution I had in mind was to hand edit the database, but as it isn't a text file I'm not sure how to do that. Is there a utility I can use to go through and just change the filenames?


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