Re: Import from disk and auto-tag

On 24/06/06, Warren Baird <photogeekmtl gmail com> wrote:
There's no mechanism to do this automatically - however, there are some
patches for bug that
will make this relatively easy --- the patch I submitted against the bug
will take simple xmp-like "sidecar" files at import and create tags for

Basically you need to write a script that creates for every file
foo.jpg, a file called foo.jpg.xmp - the contents should look like this:

<x:xmpmeta xmlns:x='adobe:ns:meta/' x:xmptk='XMP toolkit 3.0-28,
framework 1.6'><rdf:RDF
           <rdf:li>Tag 1</rdf:li>
           <rdf:li>Tag 2</rdf:li>
           <rdf:li>Tag N</rdf:li>

Then with my patch, when you do the import, the tags will be created (if
necessary), and attached to each photo appropriately.

Hope this helps.


Great work, Warren. Could you please explain the XML in a bit more
detail? Specifically, I'd need to add tags for Keywords, People,
Caption/Title, Description/Comments, and Places. Just as an example,
how would the XML appear for a photo with:
Keywords "key1" and "key2"
People "person1", "person2", "person3"
Caption "This is the Caption"
Description "A short description."
Place "place1"

If I can see that, then I'm pretty sure that I can figure out the
rest. Also, how do I patch F-spot? I am not a developer, and I've no
experience in the matter. Thank you.

Dotan Cohen

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