Import/ Export of tags

As I'm trying to decide which photo organiser to use (between DigiKam,
F-spot, and KPhotoAlbum) I would really appreciate the ability to move
photos from one program to the other and to keep my tags intact. A
user on the Digikam mailing list had mentioned that he would like to
tag his photos 'in the field' on his laptop and to import them into
the program when he gets home. I think that a kipi Import/ Export
feature would solve both our problems. It would create an XML file
similar to this:

<photo filename="/home/user/pics/beer.jpg">

<photo filename="/home/user/pics/music.jpg">

This can easily be imported by any application, and it provides for
hierarchical tags. (levels seperated by asteriks)

What does the F-spot community think of this? Would you like to be
able to work on the tags on the go and to import them later? And to
easily move from application to application? This would also provide a
secure way to back up the current sqlite database in an accessable
manner. (any text editor could open it)

Dotan Cohen

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