Re: plugin support for F-Spot

On Fr, 2006-06-16, 23:20, Stephane Delcroix skrev:
> Hi list,
> I've spend some time lately to develop a plugin facility for F-Spot. So
> far, I've a virtual plugin class, some methods to load plugins, and a
> testplugin. Thanks to Thomas and his solution to bug #344534, I've also
> a way to compile plugins without the F-Spot sources.
> The main goal of this plugin facility is to provide (in a first time) as
> many Export schemes as you can imagine. Export function like 'export to
> my local photo store' will never ends up in the core of F-Spot (my
> guess), but some people need this.
> I'll be happy to see any comments, remarks, requirements...

Cool, this will come in very handy I think.
Also another plugin area would be to import old data.
I can see a lot of users are having existing data in another format, and
they would like to import it to F-Spot. F-Spot will probably handle the
main import areas in core, but Mr XXX Super Duper Photo Software's format.

Have you raised an enhancement bug so we kan track this one?


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