special characters in 342137

Hi Cosme, but also hi Dotan, Bengt and all the other guys interested in

> Last problem I remember is tags using non ASCII characters as you
> discussed recently.

After spending something like 2 hours on tracking this issue, I finally
found out !!!!

it's as simple as replacing (in src/XmpTagsMetadata.cs):

string stmt_pre_str = stmt.Predicate.ToString();
string stmt_obj_str = stmt.Object.ToString()


string stmt_pre_str = stmt.Predicate.ToString();
string stmt_obj_str;
if (stmt.Object is SemWeb.Literal)
	stmt_obj_str = ((SemWeb.Literal)(stmt.Object)).Value;
	stmt_obj_str = stmt.Object.ToString();

Now, the XMP import patch can handle special (read utf8) characters !!!! 
Stephane Delcroix
stephane delcroix org

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