Re: F-spot first impressions

On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 21:50 +0200, Morten Siebuhr wrote:
> I'm currently beginning to use F-spot as my only photo-management
> application (formerly used Google Picasa under Windows XP). Being a
> developer myself, I like getting first-impression feedback from users,
> so here's my F-spot first impressions. Most of it is actually bugs,
> but I've included my whole list none the less. I've also added some
> random ideas for random improvements.

Hi Morten,

Thanks for all the great feedback.  Unfortunately, much of it stands to
be forgotten if you don't file bug reports on Gnome's Bugzilla,  Please file them as separate reports,
marking them as enhancements when needed.  Some of these issues have
been brought up before, so it's good to search for duplicates first.  I
would recommend searching for all the open f-spot bugs[1] and then just
using your browser to search within that large list.

We really appreciate the feedback.  Let us know if you need help filing
all these.



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