Re: Backups to external disk

Brilliant I would say.
But the wording needs to be carefully phrased in the import dialog, so the
end user is very clear on what is happening.

Perhaps you can add some comments to which seems to describe
this one nicely.


On Må, 2006-02-20, 14:35, Jamie Wilkinson skrev:
> Hi!
> I've got many gigamabytes of photos, a big external drive, and a laptop.
> The laptop is where I run f-spot, but the disk is relatively small, so I
> can't store all the photos on it.
> I was on holiday this last fortnight, taking more photos, and thinking
> about
> this: I do still want to be able to browse my photos on the laptop even
> without the disk attached.
> An idea came to me:
>   Store relatively low resolution copies on the laptop, and keep the
> masters
> on the external disk.
> Even at resolutions of 1024 wide, this is only a meg per photo (though of
> course I'd like it to be configurable, I'd probably only keep them 800
> pixels wide for browsing) which is about 10 times smaller than my 20D
> makes
> them.
> Of course, the external disk isn't always available, so I guess I need a
> "Synchronise" or "backup" button somewhere.  Also sufficient warning when
> trying to edit photos offline, saying you'd need to plug in the backup
> disk.
> What do people think about this?
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