"Adjust Time" feature

Hi all!

I recently installed version 0.1.8 of f-spot (Debian) and really
appreciate the new "Adjust Time" feature. But to my understanding there
are some minor problems:

1. The adjusted date/time is not stored in the exif header of the
2. F-spot seems to store two different time-stamps. Beneath the photo
   the adjusted date is shown, whereas the date shown in the left pane
   is still the original date.
3. Adjusting the time for a photo does not move the photo to the
   correct position immediately. Instead some changes to the view have
   to be made in order to refresh the sort oder (e.g., select some

I'm especially interested in problem (1). Since I have a large number of
photos without exif header (previously removed by terribly bad
jpeg-rotation software :-( ) I would like to know about the intended
behavior of adjusting the time, before I start working on all those
photos. I would expect f-spot to store the adjusted time within the exif
header of a photo. Furthermore if no exif header exists, I would like
f-spot to generate one.


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