How to translate F-Spot. Add to

Found this entry from a year ago, and I think it is something we should
have on the f-spot home page. Or at least under the Participate section.


Instructions for translating f-spot

    * From: Christian Rose <menthos gnome org>
    * To: f-spot-list gnome org
    * Subject: Instructions for translating f-spot
    * Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 12:37:01 +0100

I browsed a bit on , which is in
many ways an excellent project page.

However, it lacks information on how to help with translations. I have a
template for such instructions at .
Feel free to use it and, if you need to do so, adopt it to your needs on
the f-spot website.

If you like those instructions, you may be interested in these ones as


Bengt Thuree   bengt thuree com

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