Re: Patched Fspot hanging on import

On Fr, 2006-08-25, 08:08, Dotan Cohen skrev:
> I had patched Fspot with the patches for bug #342137- importing photos
> with XMP tags. The attached photo _should_ have XMP tags (in Hebrew)
> attached. When I try to import it Fspot hangs indefinitely. I must
> kill it with CTRL-ALT-ESC.
> Why should Fspot hang? Can someone verify this behaviour, and possible
> verify that the file does in fact have XMP tags? What tools can I use
> to read the XMP data, as exiftool showed nothing even on photos that I
> knew for certain had XMP data written by Fspot itself. Thanks in
> advance.


Just to ensure my answer goes to the list as well.

I tried to import the refered photo yesterday, and it imports without any
problem at all. On a empty database though.
I could not see any tags at all, neither in f-spot, nor strings, nor
importing them into iViewMedia Pro, nor in irfanview.

A previous photo (beatrice) I can see People, and Keywords tags as well as
a  Headline. This in Hebrew. My computer do not understand it, so
iViewMedia Pro only displays weird characters though. Imported them into
F-Spot, and the People and Keywords tags are nicely in Hebrew (I assume),
but the Headline is not decoded properly so the result is garbage.
(People tag was fixed yesterday in the XMP import patch, and they are
simply added to the normal F-Spot tags)


Bengt Thuree   bengt thuree com

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