Re: Album Support

You described what you mean by 'Collection' pretty well in your email,
but I'm still a little confused about that you consider an 'Album'.
 From what you've described, an 'Album' sounds exactly like a 'Tag' does
to me - a named set of photos.

Quite correct. They are the same thing which means that searching and
tagging things works exactly as it does now. Its really all about the
UI. By presenting Albums as a slightly different UI element it makes
it more discoverable for ex iPhoto/Picasa users looking for this
feature (the ability to put photos in an album)

Furthurmore in the case of myself, who has hundreds of tags,
subdividing albums out into a slightly seperate UI element makes the
sidebar smaller and easier to navigate. Sure you could do this using a
heirarchy under the Events tag, but I do not think this is as
discoverable, and might throw people who expect for albums to exist
(see previous paragraph).

Thanks for your thoughts. I would recommend trying the patch, it does
actually work in some ways, and gives a feel of what the UI might work
like if albums and tags are seperate.


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