Re: Importing XMP data with SemWeb

Larry Ewing wrote:

Sadly, as far as I know, what I said and what you pasted here mean the
same thing.  It would definitely be preferable to nest the blank node in
the subject and avoid the nodeID altogether but I think this is a valid
serialization (I'd be happy to be proven wrong).  Improving the SemWeb
output would be welcome of course.

Gah... It definitely looks like you were right. I read part of the RDF primer last night and I've determined 3 things:

1. I need to do a *lot* more reading on RDF to be able to write an import mechanism that deals with general XMP data 2. I don't really care about importing general XMP data - my current approach of just treating any rdf:Bag as a container of tags is good enough for me (and probably 75% of the other people who want to import metadata into f-spot)
3. XML schemas designed by committee are *scary* things...

I'm afraid I don't have *that* much time to work on f-spot, so I need to focus my effort on the gaps that are affecting me the most.

I'm going to finish off my current import work --- it's done in a fairly general way - I've added a GetTagNames method to MetadataStore - it currently just returns an array containing every string that shows up inside a bag, but if someone else cares enough and knows enough RDF/XMP, they could update it to do 'the right thing' and the rest of the import mechanism would just work...

I'll send some patches in for review as soon as I can...


p.s.> I just wanted to take this opportunity to say the whole thing
makes me sad again.

Yeah, it makes me sad too --- RDF and XMP seem to be a whole lot more complicated than they really need to be... *sigh*


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