Re: Status of XMP Support

Maybe I'm a little late to chime in on this, but have you seen my
library, libiptcdata, for IPTC parsing and generation?

It's structured very similarly to libexif (with some improvements that
make writing easier) so it should be easy to integrate in the same way
that libexif was integrated with f-spot.

Let me know if you have any questions.  Currently, the only other
application that I know of which uses libiptcdata is gthumb (in its CVS



On Thu, 2005-09-15 at 14:11 -0500, Larry Ewing wrote:
> I implemented basic IPTC/photoshop resource parsers early this week and
> I'm working on XMP now.  My current plan is to use SemWeb as an rdf/xml
> parser and Statement store for all the metadata, then add sink/source
> interfaces to the various other metadata parsers and generate XMP RDF
> statements from them.  
> If someone wants to start working on a display/editing dialog that uses
> a SemWeb.StatementStore as a backend that could speed things up
> considerably.  Remeber that since XMP likes to use bags and sequences
> any frontend will need to support them properly.
> --Larry

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