Status of XMP Support

Hi all,

We are a group of senior students at the software engineering and management program at the IT-university in G�org, Sweden. A large part of our education is centered around software development projects. This term the focus of the project is to take an existing application and either change its architecture or extend it.

We were wondering about the current state of XMP support in f-spot. Our idea is to complement the internal sqllite meta-data storage with XMP meta-data storage in the images. The purpose of this would be to allow several users accessing the same images and at the same time sharing the meta-data through the image XMP information.

We haven't yet done any in-depth feasibility study, so at the moment we are interested in an early opinion about the state of XMP.

We have seen this page that gives a very brief description about what seems to be already planned for f-spot:


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