Problems compiling 0.1.1 - fixed!

Hi ho,

I didn't save the email, unfortunately, but at least one other person was
having problems with compiling the latest version. I finally got off my
butt and investigated the makefile, and it turns out I was missing the
package gtk-sharp2-gapi-2.3...

After running configure, the makefile was looking for /usr/share/gapi-2.0,
which didn't exist. My assumption that it was finding the includes in
/usr/share/gapi and generating errors based on that. My guess is that
somewhere between 0.0.12 and 0.1.0 either the code moved from using
version 1 to version 2, or that this was the first release where the
methods actually changed. Still trying to figure out all this Mono stuff.

Anyway, hope this helps. Hooray! I actually figured something out. Does
this mean I'm not a pointy haired project manager?


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