Re: Tag typing.

On Mon, 2005-11-07 at 23:38 -0500, Nat Friedman wrote:
> For a while now I've wanted to tag my pictures without having to drag
> and drop little icons.  Today I started on a patch that allows you to
> tag pictures by typing tag names, like flickr.

Neat! I've tried it out, and definitely appreciate how I can
spontaneously think of a new tag for a photo and just type it instead of
seriously interrupting what I was doing by moving the mouse and opening
up a dialog box.

Some suggestions (which I will start working on unless you want to):

1. After using it a bit, I definitely prefer it to be hidden most of the
time .. the medallions should definitely have a tooltip saying what they
are on mouseover at least..
2. When I go into full screen mode and then come out, it has displayed
the tagging bar and it has focus (from pressing the 'f').
3. In PhotoView (Edit) mode when you press escape, it doesn't return the
focus to the picture, meaning I can't press escape again to return to
Browse mode.

This is really awesome, especially combined with the drag and drop
reparenting (in CVS) - you can create a bunch of new tags on the fly
with this patch, and then put them where they go in a few short seconds.

This feature is definitely a good thing to have documented properly in
the help (ahem) and on the website as it's not very easily discoverable.

The stamp feature (ie select tag(s) and then single clicks on photos
stamps them with those tags) is something we should keep in mind, and
somebody should actually implement. ;)



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