Development environment and getting involved...


I want to start helping out with f-spot as much as I can, I'm just
working part time this summer, so I have lots of time.

What I'm wondering is what versions of mono, gtk-sharp, sqlite, etc I
should be using for development and any suggestions on a good way to
keep track of all the work I want to do, this will be the first OSS proj
I've made any major contribution to.

Heres what I'm planning on working on...

Clean out bugzilla, half the bugs are from this time in 2004 and not
relevant to the current code base, many are dups and some resolved, etc,
i want to track down all these and clean up our bugzilla so its usable
for patches, etc.

Work on gnome-keyring integration for export plugins. As per the
accounts.xml thread.

Eventually break out the export code into plugins so that anyone can
implement their own export plugin.  I plan on basing this on the rather
simple muine plugin interface (gtk ui manager + c# Interface)

Play with ways of making the tag paradigm more manageable and intuitive
from the UI. (maybe have both tags and albums with albums being live
queries of tags, or just static lists)

So thats about it... anyways, any info, advice, or maybe just an idea of
where to get started in bugzilla would be very much appreciated.

Douglas McMorris <dougmc83 mail utexas edu>

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