Re: Ubuntu users

Unless things have changed just recently, they don't. If you are using breezy (or hoary or warty), all you will ever get is security updates until the next major release (f-spot revisions don't seem to fit into that category). Major releases are about 6 months apart, so you may be waiting a while.
That said, there are a few options:
1. find an unofficial repository with up-to-date mono (and f-spot) packages
2. compile all things mono from source
3. update your apt sources.list to dapper (be prepared for frequent breakages)

Ubuntu, while great for those who want to stay more up-to-date than stock debian, is not really the greatest for anyone who wants to be on the bleeding edge. I'll stop there before anyone accuses me of flaming ubuntu.


Phil Howard wrote:

Any Ubuntu users out there know when they update the version of f-spot in the repositories?

Thanks, Phil Howard
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