Re: Flickr Export with old database

That is an excellent point, but I am unfortunately no SQL god, or even
demigod. Also, last I checked, SQLite did not really seem to like
table alterations; you have to create a new table, copy over the data,
and then copy back.

I think that it would be awfully nice if the duplicates patch either
automatically updated the database if it was created with an older
version or should (politely) ask the user if he/she wants to upgrade
the format, but not die on start up.


On 12/15/05, Martijn Vermaat <mvermaat cs vu nl> wrote:
> > I was wondering whether there is any way to use the new Flickr export
> > patches without also including the duplicates patch. As far as I
> > remember, and according to other mails in this list, the SVN
> > repository with the Flickr patches also includes the duplicates patch
> > which breaks existing databases. I have a Flickr Pro account and about
> > 3000 pictures in F-Spot and would like to be able to export them (I
> > missed the transition so I have a new style account.) Is there an
> > easier way than picking apart the C# code manually?
> I don't know the details of the changes to the database, but
> isn't there a simple way of making your old database compatible
> with the duplicates patch? I would think some SQL update
> statements in a SQLite shell might do the trick...
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