[PATCH] Grouping view, temporal grouping.

Patch behing included URL implements a grouped mode for f-spot.
Included is also 'temporal grouping', where images are grouped
together based on how long apart they were taken (EXIF information).

Patch is against CVS of the moment, unfortunately adding yet another
radiobutton to toolbar meant that I just used things available in Gtk#
shipped with mono 1.1.10, i don't think it will compile with less.

It's rough, more of a proof-of-concept, certain things don't update,
but viewing images and operations (like rotating) do work.

I'm asking for comments and general advice on what you'd like to have

(the .png -files go to icons/)

Developer-side there're some interesting things. There's
FilteredCollection that takes ICollectionFilter and will restrict
objects view to only items that pass that filter. For example show
only those that are within certain date range etc.
Then there's SelectionProxy, so far specific to IconView, which
handles 1-to-many synchronization of selection of main view. It makes
possible to select several things in different groups in grouped view
and have them selected in main icon view. (the other way works only if
group has been expanded, but is fixable).

Patch available from:

Sample, with tag 'Aksu' selected, groups images 29min apart.

psi -- http://iki.fi/psavo

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