Re: Pictures default directory.

>>>>> "Martijn" == Martijn Vermaat <mvermaat cs vu nl> writes:

>> On 12/6/05, Alessandro Gervaso <alessandro truelite it> wrote:
>> Why not just ask users upon first startup about root directory?
>> Application shouldn't make itself look smarter than a user, especially
>> when it isn't.

Martijn> No, asking questions at first startup should be avoided as
Martijn> much as possible.


Martijn> Including a configuration option, however, should be
Martijn> considered I think. This way F-Spot won't get in the way of
Martijn> the average user.

What if I already ahve a ~/Photos directory, like I do?  I don't want
f-spot mucking with it at all in any shape or form.  


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