metadata editing?

Hello, I am new to this list, and I hope that this is an acceptable
place for this sort of question...

I've just started using f-spot, and I am most favorably impressed. 
However, I do have one large problem with the organization of my
photos.  On many occasions, after re-charging the the battery on my
camera, I have forgotten to reset the date and time.  I therefore have
a large number of photos which appear incorrectly on the timeline.  In
addition, I have been scanning the family collection of 35mm prints. 
I have poked around quite a bit, but have been unable to find a way to
alter the dates of the photos.

It's possible that this feature already exists and I have somehow
overlooked it, but if it doesn't, I would strongly suggest its
implementation, as it would make the program much more useful.

thanks much,

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