Re: view sorted chronologically, ascending

On 12/6/05, John Russell <jjrussell gmail com> wrote:
> My preference would be to have newest pictures on top with a
> horizontal separator between each month or so. Inside each month the
> oldest pictures are first but the months are sorted new to old.  The
> horizontal separators would also help to break up the undending sea of
> pictures when you start to have thousands to scroll through.

I'm working on something like that but with configurable 'grouping'
parameter. Right now it works for grouping by directories, at least
the visual+scrolling part.
ob-sshot: <>
work in progress, etc, etc.

I'm now adding 'some meat' to the code, as I can't see it being
included with directory mode only. I think the
time-differential-grouping will be next one I'll do. Then by date and
tag. Other grouping suggestions are welcome.

There are several hard, unanswered UI questions though. For example if
I select photos from different groups, they can't be dragged on top of
tag tree to be tagged (that's my guess) withouth some painfull code,
but tagging them by writing would be easily doable. Also, If you
select photos from different groups, then close one, should subsequent
operations be done on that too?
Of course, those could be solved by only allowing selecting in one
group only, but..

psi --

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