Re: Copy on DnD / Import Fixes - Patch

I swear, some day I will learn to copy the list on responses....

> 1. Importing the photos with no EXIF timestamps with the "copy" option
> reads the photo for metadata _after_ the copy - this hoses the mtimes,
> and leaves me with a thousand photos "taken" today. This is fixed by
> passing both the new/destination and old/source path (which can be
> identical if a copy was not performed) to PhotoStore.Create. It will
> parse the data from the old/source path and do everything else on the
> new/dest path. Makes me happy ;)

That is a great idea.  I ran into this as well recently.

> 2. Respect the DragAction for DnD files from Nautilus to F-Spot for
> importing. If you effectively DnD with the Gdk.DragAction.Copy flag, the
> photos will be copied and imported. If you drag with
> Gdk.DragAction.Move, they will not be copied.
> This modifies the default behavior: DnD with no key modifiers will copy
> and import. You have to hold "Shift" and DnD to not copy. Since this
> changes the current default behavior, maybe this needs to be discussed.
> I think it's sane however since the Move/Copy is set from Nautilus, and
> is how Nautilus itself works. (The previous functionality of this I
> think is *incorrect*. I always assumed F-Spot copied my photos when I
> had the copy modifier set for the drag.

One comment on this.  I understand that the copy modifier would copy
it, but the move modifier not to copy it doesn't make much sense.  I
would actually expect the move modifier to copy them into f-spot's
file structure and remove them from where they are.  Might be useful
for importing from a camer and cleaning off the camera in one ( nerve
wracking ) step.  In order to get the import but don't copy feature,
maybe the link modifier would be more intuitive.


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