Re: importing directories

On Wed, 2005-11-30 at 17:10 -0600, Larry Ewing wrote:
> The thing is, it doesn't do this, at least not the way you describe.
> The import dialog will not automatically open to a directory unless
> you've already imported from that directory durring that session (and
> I'll change even that behavior soon) or called import from the command
> line.  Additionally simply clicking the option will clean up any
> incorrectly copied photos, and add the photos to the catalog in place.
> This isn't exactly a nightmare senario.  I agree it isn't ideal but
> let's aim for ideal instead of just saving the value of an option that
> will bite some people later. Saving the setting is easy and wrong.
> I'd
> be less opposed to an option in the preferences dialog that amounted
> to
> something like "Leave local images in place by default" but I still
> think it is poor solution. 

The way I have used F-Spot lately is in regards to the rename patch, and
then I import one directory with 10 pictures, play around with rename,
and then going to import some other pictures, and I get some of the
already imported ones automatically due to above mention scenario.

For instance

1) Create a tmp1 directory with 10 pictures
2) Create a tmp2 directory with 10 pictures
3) Ensure f-spot has a clean database, and that the ~/Photos directory
is empty. (easier to verify the problem)
4) Start f-spot with a clean database
5) Import all pictures from tmp1 - and press Finish
6) Verify ~/Photos directory that you have 10 pictures
7) Press the "+" button
8) F-Spot directly starts to import (or prepare to atleast) the tmp1
9) change the directory to tmp2
10) import these pictures
11) Verify ~/Photos directory that you have 10 (tmp1) + 10 (copies tmp1)
+ 10 (tmp2) pictures
---> Have I missed something?
I can not modify the default values either, since if I modify the
values, and then 
Should I write a Bug on this one, or?


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