Re: [PATCH] Improve date retreival from exif data


Stewart Smith wrote:

> > Howabout for cases where there's no EXIF, if it uses the file creation
> > date? I have a lot of photos taken with my Zire 71 that have no EXIF,
> > and they're all listed as the day I imported them.
> I believe the correct logic would be the earlier of mtime and ctime from
> stat.
> Using ctime is incorrect as some systems don't let you set ctime (but
> mtime is preserved from when the photo was really created)

That would be great! It's easy to set the mtime of Photos that don't
have EXIF tags (think of my scanned old picture collection...), but not
that easy to set EXIF tags... 

Also, it would be nice to have F-Spot check if the files exist and
display the question mark icon in the thumbnail view (instead of in the
full view) to let the user decide whether to remove it from the library
or keep it (if it's a removable drive).

BTW, I really love F-Spot and use it for my 10000+ collection right
now! :-)


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